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Get Fast Action on Mattress Cleaning in Sheffield

There’s a widespread but mistaken belief that mattresses take so long to dry that cleaning them is impractical. Best Cleaners Sheffield offers mattress cleaning in Sheffield which includes practical options when you need the use of the bed in the shortest possible time.

Whether you’re looking to maintain hygiene standards at a commercial property or want to ensure that you and your family have the best chance of a restful night’s sleep, there’s bound to be a treatment that suits you.

Certified Cleaners in Sheffield Using Professional-Grade Equipment

  • Your mattress cleaners will be trained and certified individuals who pride themselves on delivering effective, high-quality services
  • Your mattress will be assessed before your service starts to determine the most appropriate cleaning technique for it
  • Work is completed using top-quality hot water extraction cleaning equipment or innovative dry cleaning methods
  • Our rates for a single service are very competitive and you’ll pay a reduced price when you get several mattresses cleaned at one appointment
  • You can also benefit from discounted rates if you combine mattress cleansing with sofa cleaning or other upholstery work

Hot Water Extraction or Dry Mattress Cleaning

Hot Water Extraction –┬áThis is the preferred option for stain removal and the deepest possible cleaning. Stains are pretreated, then hot water and detergent are injected into the fibres and removed by suction. Because Best Cleaners Sheffield technicians use professional-grade tools they’re able to remove up to 95% of the water. This greatly reduces drying times. Drying can be further sped up with the use of air-blowers, which can be provided upon request.

Dry cleaning –┬áNot every mattress is suitable for water-based cleaning and you may need the use of the bed back as soon as the service is completed. In this situation, conventional dry cleaning or treatment with ultra-violet light and strong suction will suit you better. Dry cleaning techniques are less effective at stain removal but are suitable for sanitising a mattress by destroying fungal spores, bacteria, viruses, mites and bugs. These are popular choices in commercial environments such as hotels, guest houses or even hospitals.

Book Best Cleaners Sheffield Cleaners in Sheffield

Our support line is staffed 24/7. Use it to ask a specific question about mattress cleaning in Sheffield, to request a quote or make a booking.

When you call, you’ll be asked about the work you have in mind and when you’d like it done. Once your customer advisor knows what sort of mattresses you have, how many you need to be cleaned and whether you’d like to combine this work with any other upholstery or fabric cleaning, you’ll get a personalised quote.

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